Co-founders Cecilia Guerra-Icaza and Benedict Colombo have assembled a team of dedicated, experienced men and woman who are committed to project integrity and complete customer satisfaction. The core team of 22 professionals has an average of over 25 years experience in their respective industries. Our principals, operational staff, project managers, supers, foremen, construction personnel, engineering staff, purchasing, safety and transportation all work together to form a focused, successful team atmosphere. The Argos Group stays current with changes and trends, in order to provide the most innovation solutions in the industry.


Cecilia is a female minority of Ecuadorian descent. She graduated top of her class with a bachelors of science in Business Administration and Human Resources. After applying for her MWBE designations, Cecilia partnered with Benedict Colombo to launch Argos Group.


Benedict is a rigger and Local 14 operator with over 25 years experience across multiple construction industries. Together, they handpicked a diverse group of qualified, knowledgeable men and women to build out the 7 major divisions of the core of the Argos Team.


Those divisions are:

  • Demolition

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Trucking/Disposal/Recycling

  • Fireproofing/Spraying

  • Final Construction Cleaning

  • Rigging/Crane Work

  • Saw Cutting/Coring.

Effective construction management and constant communication enables Argos Group to provide our customers with a turnkey solution that offers the efficiency and convenience of single source responsibility. Equipped with the newest technology and a specially outfitted equipment arsenal, The Argos Group invites the largest, most challenging projects and opportunities to employ their equipment, expertise and versatility.

Argos Group will soon be a fully registered Female/Minority owned enterprise with nationwide coverage, and will maintain all proper permits and authorizations required. We are able to offer our customers both Union and Non-Union services all under one corporation. We carry the highest quality insurance coverage and maintain the strictest safety requirements in the industry. Our commitment to providing the most efficient, cost-effective construction methods supported by the most innovative equipment and processes helps us deliver superior service on a consistent basis.